What is 1188?

The fence of the historic city of Byblos forms the main wall of the 1188 Restaurant; it’s about a several centuries-old stone house turned into a restaurant, where distinguished French cuisine is served in a serene setting.

“1188” is one of the symbols of the seven millenniums of the City of Jbeil age:

It is a date specific to Jbeil, marked by an alternation of periods of war and peace between Saladin and the Crusades.

Here, a land where important civilizations, from Orient and Occident, have succeeded. Its multi millennium ruins, its ramparts, and its edifices attest of a rooted identity and the perseverance to protect it.

The gate in this place has remained open to welcome incoming peace, wide open, its walls and fences contradict the élan avid for the incorporative movement of cultures and values coming from abroad.

As for the people of the city- holder of various civilizations, they haven’t changed:

Hospitable, convivial, swordsmen and rebellions against the avatars of time.